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Order government issued certified birth certificates instantly from your computer through our company, no waiting in long lines. We offer multiple delivery options to get your birth certificate to you in the time you require. Click on your state of birth below to begin your order with our company. We can accept your birth certificate order online, by fax and by mail.

We offer birth certificate expediting and delivery you can count on. 100% Secure online ordering. (every state can be faxed or mailed if you prefer)

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We cannot change/add/modify information on your birth certificate, we can ONLY obtain what is already on file

We offer group/bulk discounts, please call our office for details.


Contact info:
Phone: 888-629-2016
Local: 713-629-8330
Fax: 713-629-0396
or 713-785-1458


Processing Fees:
Express/Emergency Orders
ship by an overnight courier
vary from $25-$69.
Regular Orders ship by US
Mail and vary from $11-$36.
Plus our service fee of $49.


We help our customers obtain their raised seal certified birth certificates without going through long lines and hassle associated with government offices. Our $49 service fee is to obtain your birth certificate for you. We also provide expert assistance with a thorough review of all required information, a secure online order form and providing your information to the proper government office.  This service fee is in addition to the government’s fee. Usbirthcertificate.com is privately owned and is not operated by any government agency.  Our company makes the process quick, easy and you can always call and talk to us.  Call us now.

We are a private birth certificate expediting service that was established years ago to provide certified birth certificates to individuals in a professional manner. Give us a call and ask us a question, we are here to help you. Try calling another company and see what kind of service you receive, we know you will be back to our service. We run our business in a professional manner and treat our customers with respect and cater to our clients needs. If you want a professional to handle your birth certificate and/or passport needs then we are the company to use. We know you have a choice and we appreciate you choosing our company.

We can obtain a Certified Birth Certificate for you, in most cases, in 2-3 days.  The certified birth certificates that we obtain for you can be used to travel to Mexico and Canada or any other country that requires a birth certificate and drivers license to enter, obtain drivers licenses or anything else that requires a birth certificate. The certificates we obtain have raised, embossed seals or the equivalent. A mother or father can always order a birth certificate for their child. If you are doing this please include a copy of one of the parents drivers license if the states requirements show a drivers license copy is needed.

Passports are required for all US citizens who travel outside the US by air (plane). We can obtain your passport in addition to your birth certificate. Please read this site for details and indicate on the order form that you would like a passport in addition to your birth certificate. Extra steps will be needed to get your passport.

We can process both your birth certificate and passport plus we give a discount for processing both with our company. Information about this is located on the birth certificate order form and on our passport website.

Once you fax/send your birth certificate request to us we will notify you by phone and/or email if there is a problem. If there are no problems and we process your order we will send you a email stating your order has been processed.

If a parent is ordering a birth certificate for their child because the child (ANY age) does not have a ID then the parent will send a copy of their ID. A parent can ALWAYS order a childs' birth certificate.

Follow the instructions below if you require a passport and certified birth certificate:
**We can also process your passport for you if needed.  We give a $18.00 discount when we process your birth certificate and passport. Please indicate on your order that you want us to process your passport also and you will be charged $49 service fee for your birth certificate $91 (regular fee is $109) for your passport and $30 for Federal Express of your passport back to you when complete, total of $170.

Step 1: Fill out order form for a birth certificate.
Step 2: Wait for your certificate to arrive, read and follow
instructions from our passport website in the meantime.
Step 3: Take all documents (including birth certificate) to your
local acceptance agent and have sealed into an envelope.
Step 4: Federal Express two things to us: Sealed Envelope and Order Form.

If you do not have a credit card and wish to send a birth certificate request to us to process, please click here for instructions.

US Birthcertificate.Com can only obtain records that are already on file with the state or county where your birth took place. We cannot change or amend records.

Birth certificates can be obtained from the government agencies for a lesser cost.

Our Mission… To be the premier provider of U.S Birth Certificates.  We strive for excellent service to our clients done in a timely fashion. We make getting a birth certificate easy.

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